Complete Oral Exam & Cleaning

Complete Oral Exam and Cleaning

Oral exams are important for diagnosing your oral health.
During our exam we do visual examination of soft and hard tissue not only inside the mouth but examine the head and neck area as well.
Things we look for during examination are:

  • Missing /loose teeth
  • broken teeth or decayed teeth
  • gum tissue health:
    • gingivitis: gum disease
    • periodontitis: bone disease > inflammation of surrounding bone
  • TMJ (jaw joint) health
  • any suspicious lesions: Oral Cancer Screening

To help us during this examination we supplement with Xrays of various types., which help give a better diagnosis.

During your cleaning appointment we use special tools to remove plaque and tartar build up. The removal of this build up allows gums to heal and reduce gum and bone disease.

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